The Unit

One of the more substantial ways we can make a difference in our culture is by promoting and living out the real and true relations of the Family. We as the church must assume our rightful role in advancing the truth of the bible in its statutes concerning the family. The home is the primary place for nurturing faith. Since God established The Unit to be such a vital proponent in the world, we must do whatever it takes to support and foster its original order. The Unit is responsible for all ministries surrounding the family. For more information, please email

Onesies Logo

ONEsies (Ages 0-5)

This ministry is dedicated to toddler through Pre-K and they learn to sing, make crafts, hear Bible stories, and memorize scriptures. We believe that is important to begin instilling these biblical principles at an early age in order to nurture spiritual formation.

OC Kids

OC Kids (1st-5th Grade)

This ministry is currently engaged in the ORANGE curriculum. This innovative curriculum stimulates the minds and souls of our children with understanding of the love of Christ.


R-GEN | (Jr High Student Ministry Grades 6-8)

Radical Generation is our middle school youth ministry designed to guide our students into cultivating their personal relationship with Christ and allowing that to be what sets them apart.

Impact Student Ministry

IMPACT STUDENT MINISTRY | (High School Ministry Grades 9-12)

A ministry designed to equip students to be a positive example of Jesus Christ, and to make a lasting impact on their peers and those around them.